Quick Mobile Campaigns

Qryptal provides a platform to create mobile optimized interactive forms for Contests, Coupons, Information & Reporting....

We believe that not every project should require installing yet another Mobile App.
Qryptal helps you quickly rollout those one-off, ad-hoc interactions where your customers can just scan a QR Code/NFC, get the right information & take action on the spot and be done!


Mobile-friendly landing pages. Images that re-size for various mobile devices and orientation. Call to Action buttons for phone, email and more.
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Use Cases

Qryptal makes it easy to enhance your print ads, to promote your products, and to engage your customers.
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Industrial Uses

Easily provide product information and service to your customers. Qryptal's platform makes it easy to do this on an enterprise scale.
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Agency Users

Agency plans make it easy for agencies to manage mobile campaigns and contests for your customers with multi-project and multi-user features.
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